Cuprum sulfuricum

Blue-grey shimmering cuprum sulphate

Copper sulphate: The remedy for cramps and microbial contamination Cuprum sulfuricum has been in use for centuries. As a heavy metal compound, it has always caused problems in its pure form and as a concentrated substance. Today it is only used in highly diluted, homeopathic or spagyric form. Its main areas of application are cramps and microbial contamination. Facts about copper sulphate Did you know that... [...]

Lead acetate

Lead acetate: the remedy for sclerosis and hardening Lead is the metal of Saturn, the lord of time and age. Lead processes are always about old, chronic processes that are moving away from life. Cancer, sclerosis, hardening and chronic inflammation are the themes of this metal. Facts about lead sugar Did you know that... ... Lead acetate also [...]

Arsenic acetate

acidum arsenicosum

Arsenic acetate: The remedy for anxiety and weakness Better known as Arsenicum album. In classical homeopathy it is one of the big ten remedies that are used. It is the remedy for anxiety, weakness and loss of strength in the context of great stress and consuming diseases. But even so it can help the [...]

Glauber's salt

Natrium sulfuricum: The salt of excretion Natrium sulfuricum is also much used allopathically to this day. In human medicine it is used as a laxative and is drunk dissolved in water. In naturopathy it is mostly used as a low, homeopathic potency for elimination and purification. In addition, the liver is activated, which has a positive effect on the [...]

Natrium phosporicum

Natrium phosphoricum: The salt of metabolism Natrium phosphoricum is a key salt. It regulates pH in the human body and thus intervenes in almost every metabolic process of the body. Whether stress or dietary and lifestyle habits, they all leave their mark on the body's metabolism and over time usually cause a derailment of the pH values in the [...]

Natrium chloratum

Natrium chloratum: The salt of the fluid balance Natrium chloratum is the Schüssler salt that is commonly known to us as table salt. It is one of the salts that is most abundant in our body. Every cell contains sodium chloratum in the cellular fluid, as it regulates the water balance and maintains the osmotic pressures of the tissues. Facts about [...]


White, yellowish Silicea

Silicea: The salt for skin, hair, nails & connective tissue Silicic acid is one of the most important compounds for the human body. It is found in almost all tissues. It is primarily responsible for the structure of skin, nails, hair and connective tissue and is involved in the formation of the protein collagen. Silicea helps to strengthen tissues [...]

Potassium chloratum

Pink potassium chloratum stones

Potassium chloratum: the salt of mucous membranes Potassium chloratum is the salt of mucous membranes and the second stage of inflammation. It prevents the coagulation of fibrin, the tissue glue of the body, and keeps it in solution. The inflammations of the second stage, secrete whitish mucus and swell with effusions. Kalium chloratum is also used to relieve the lymph, [...]

Kalium sulfuricum

Kalium sulfuricum

Kalium sulfuricum: The salt of detoxification Kalium sulfuricum is the third of the inflammatory salts. Along with Ferrum phosphoricum and Kalium chloratum, it is the salt that is ultimately used in the 3rd stage of inflammation to ripen and drain pus. This salt is also popular for activating the metabolism and stimulating a basic purification. Especially in the [...]

Potassium phosphate

White and gray potassium phosphoricum

Kalium phosphoricum: The salt of the nerves Kalium phosphoricum is, next to No.7, the most important salt for our nerves. While No.7 is more concerned with spasms and nerve activity in the periphery, Kalium phosphoricum is concerned with central nerve metabolism and interaction with other body tissues. It plays an important role in the [...]