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Lagom- Happiness

Lagom - the Swedish formula for happiness

Lagom: The Scandinavian feel-good trend

We constantly ask ourselves how we can find happiness. Be it in a job, in love or in any other life situation. So the question remains: Is there a formula for happiness? The Swedes' answer is clear: Yes! 

The Swedish formula for happiness is "Lagom". This term means something like "not too much and not too little" - more precisely: "just right".

The history of happiness

According to legend, the term dates back to the time of the Vikings. The original Scandinavians liked to pass the common jug in their "lag" (team in Swedish) in the round "om" (around). This is how the term "lagom" came into being. Even then, this idiom meant that there was enough for everyone in the group.


But whether the sounding concept of moderation really works? The Happiness Report certainly seems to agree with the Swedes. After all, they are almost always among the top ten in the international happiness index, which is based on criteria such as personal well-being, life expectancy or social network. 

Lagom describes the optimal balance, the happy medium, a conscious and sustainable life. Accordingly, a positive attitude to life in which one does not hope for the big, special things. Finally, Lagom also means turning away from the permanent longing for more. What we already have can make us happy! However, this does not mean average or mediocrity, but the desire for a life in balance. Swedes take their time, enjoy the moment and focus on their contentment. 

Tips to apply Lagom in everyday life

Lagom is the ideal summary of Swedishness and symbolizes the Swedish lifestyle, which is made up of social commitment, moderate living and sustainability. And we can learn a lot from this in many areas of life! 



It is a matter of course for Swedes to take good care of themselves and to create a balance in both their professional and private lives.

The everyday ritual is popular: the small, important break in between, the "fika". A little time out to find oneself again and to continue the day with new energy.

Lagom food

Lagom advises people to live sustainably and healthily. However, no one must or should forgo pleasure! Rather, it is important to eat just enough to be satiated. In the kitchen, one should use regional ingredients and avoid waste. If you specifically plan to eat healthy meals several days a week, you can indulge on one or two days without feeling remorse.



All this also applies to the apartment: neither too much nor too little. The apartment is lagom when the rooms are not crowded. This applies to furniture and decoration, but also to the colors. A lagom style of living means: clear out!

When it comes to the closet, too, the key is to find a healthy middle ground! A closet full of things can be overwhelming. Chaos causes bad moods. It's better to limit yourself - as many Swedes do - to a few high-quality items of clothing, some of which you can wear again and again and combine differently, according to the "Capsule Wardrobe" principle.


Lagom is also the ideal principle for dealing with our fellow human beings. Everyday interactions at work or at home, in boring meetings, in a crowded subway or while standing in line at the checkout in the supermarket - they are characterized by conflicts, by looking away, by rolling one's eyes. The Lagom society functions quite differently: Here, social awareness and fairness are placed at the center and cohesion is strengthened.

Morgon dopp

Swedes like to start the day with a "Morgondopp", a swim in the open air. In Germany, however, not everyone has a lake right outside their front door. It is also enough to take a cold shower in the morning! The cold start to the morning refreshes, is good for Skin, Immunesystem and entirely for the mood.

More tips

Lagom- Happiness
  • Use what is there!
  • Live close to nature!
  • Pay attention to a moderate speed in road traffic!
  • Give yourself a break from your smartphone!
  • Be calm and know your limits!

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