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Health starts on the inside: Discover natural detox techniques

What are the secrets of a successful detox cure and how can you improve your health using natural methods? Immerse yourself in the world of detoxification and find out how the measures can have a positive effect not only on your body, but also on your mind. In this blog post, you'll find out everything - from choosing the right method to implementing it in your everyday life. Let yourself be inspired!

With natural methods, such as the individual spagyric mixtures from Zimply Natural, your complaints can be relieved naturally and sustainably.

What exactly is detox?

Detox is an abbreviation of detoxification, which means detoxification. This is the body's process of removing toxins, pollutants or other unwanted substances. These detoxification processes are carried out by organs such as the liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines and skin. They work together to neutralize, transform and eliminate substances from the body. To ensure that there is something for everyone, there are many different ways of carrying out detox cures. For example, they can be carried out with the help of a healthy diet, regular exercise or sufficient sleep. There are also programs that take a more holistic approach to people and their environment. These include, for example, the digital or emotional detox. The implementation and explanation of these as well as some tips for natural remedies you can find out in this blog post.

Did you know ...

That there are some bizarre detox myths?

For example, there is the idea that wearing foot pads during sleep can draw toxins out of the body.

Why is detox so important?

The question of why detox is so important is very justified. You are exposed to various toxins every day in your life. Detox helps you to remove harmful substances from food, air, water and skin care products and reduce the burden on your body. A detox cure can support important organs such as the liver, kidneys, intestines and skin in the efficient elimination and processing of toxins. It could also help you to rethink your eating habits and make healthier lifestyle choices. This includes a balanced diet, adequate hydration, exercise and Stress reduction. There are some reports of improved wellbeing, increased energy, clearer skin and increased mental clarity after a detox. However, you should be aware that the effects vary from person to person and there is no standard for improvement. Extreme detox programs can even be unhealthy. It is therefore important to choose your method wisely and seek professional advice if necessary.

Natural detox vs. extreme diet

All about natural detoxification and its benefits

The natural detoxification approach focuses on detoxifying your body in a gentle and sustainable way. This can be achieved through healthy eating habits, regular exercise, adequate hydration and stress-reducing practices, among other things. In terms of diet, you should eat fiber-rich foods such as whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables. These help to support the digestive process and relieve the body of toxins. Herbal teas can also be a good addition, as they have detoxifying properties and at the same time supply the body with fluids. In general, the focus of a natural detox is on providing the body with all the resources it needs. It can use these for the natural detoxification processes and carry them out efficiently. This is in contrast to extreme diets, where the body can be overloaded or undersupplied.

Plate with food separated in the middle. On one side is fruit and vegetables, on the right is fast food.

Extreme detox programs and diets

Extreme diets usually rely on drastic changes in diet with the help of juice cures, water fasting or very low-calorie diets. Their aim is often to quickly cleanse the body of toxins or achieve rapid weight loss. However, such diets can put your body under stress and lead to nutrient deficiencies. They can also increase the risk of eating disorders or the yo-yo effect in the long term. This happens due to the alternating states of hunger and compensation. In contrast, natural detox methods are based on healthy lifestyle changes that can be maintained in the long term. They are gentler on the body and less restrictive. The decision between natural detox and extreme diets should be based on your individual needs and health goals. A balanced approach that emphasizes healthy eating, adequate exercise and a balanced lifestyle is recommended. This approach is considered more sustainable and offers you long-term health benefits.

Did you know ...

That some detox programs claim that certain organs such as the liver or intestines are "overloaded" or "clogged"?

However, the body actually has natural mechanisms to detoxify itself.

How you can incorporate the detox into your everyday life

There are various ways to incorporate detox measures into your everyday life. Always try to drink enough water, as sufficient hydration plays a crucial role. Water helps the kidneys to excrete toxins and flushes out the body. Fiber-rich foods such as vegetables, whole grains and legumes aid digestion and help eliminate toxins through the intestines. One tip that you may find useful is green tea. It is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids and can improve liver function. Citrus fruits can also be beneficial as they have a high vitamin C content. This property can help to stimulate the production of liver enzymes and promote the detoxification process. Other natural home remedies include ginger and turmeric, which are said to have an anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect. Probiotics, such as those found in yoghurt, sauerkraut or kefir, can promote healthy intestinal flora and bind and eliminate potential toxins.

spray bottle Zimply Natural is sprayed into mouth woman presses on pump sprayer against black background
Easy application by spraying into the mouth

The application of your Detox sprays is, by the way, very simple: The spray is simply sprayed into the mouth according to the dosage instructions given on the vial. In order to achieve the best possible effect and to be able to optimally counteract the causes, we recommend use over a longer period of six to eight weeks. As a kind of cure, you spray 3×3 sprays daily.

There are these different types of detox

How food can be used in a detox

Probably the best-known cleansing method is the nutritional detox. This involves the use of special diets. These focus on fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and juices to eliminate toxins and increase nutrient absorption. An alternative method is the juice detox, in which freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices are consumed over a certain period of time. This liquid way of eating detoxifies the body and relieves the digestive system. One method that has proven to be very effective for some people but is still generally controversial is fasting. This detox involves various fasting methods such as intermittent fasting, water fasting or juice fasting. By abstaining from food for short or longer periods of time, the body is relieved and detoxification is promoted. Liver detox is another method in which the liver functions are supported and strengthened. This can be achieved through a special diet or the intake of herbal preparations.

These forms of detox apply to your entire environment

In this day and age, cell phones and social media have a huge influence on our lives. If you want to get a little distance from this, the digital detox is just right for you. It is a method of improving your mental health by consciously giving up digital devices. It reduces stress and strengthens interpersonal relationships by focusing on face-to-face interactions rather than screens. Another detox that doesn't revolve around nutrition is the environmental detox. This focuses on reducing exposure to environmental toxins. This is achieved by using environmentally friendly products and reducing exposure to pollutants in the environment. The emotional detox, on the other hand, focuses on mental health. The aim is to reduce negative emotions and stress in order to find a balance and strengthen health. This type of detox focuses primarily on meditation, Mindfulness and therapy.

How to succeed with the detox cure


Your first step should be to create your approach and your goal. Try to make it clear and realistic. A detox can take different forms, for example detoxification, weight loss or improved eating habits. The type of detox you choose should be based on your goals and lifestyle. It could be a juice cleanse, a dietary change or even a digital detox. Thorough planning and preparation are very important for a successful detox. This includes creating a structured plan, planning meals and shopping for healthy foods. A slow transition is usually recommended for detox cures. This allows your body to slowly adapt to the changes and prepare for them. So now that you have determined your goals and the type of detox, it's time to move on to implementation.


Now that you have successfully planned your detox cure, it's time to implement it. An effective cure often involves a change in diet with a focus on natural, high-fiber foods. It is important that you do not give up certain foods overnight, but create a transitional period. In addition, you don't have to give up 100%, it is more important that you consciously focus on reducing your consumption. Such foods include processed foods, sugar, alcohol and caffeine. Drinking plenty of fluids is always important, but during a detox you can consciously make sure you have a sufficient fluid intake. You could try teas such as ginger, dandelion or nettle tea, as these are said to have detoxifying properties. Another mindfulness task is regular physical activity. This can help your body to cleanse, as can relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga. If you realize during the cure that the method is not for you after all, you can always make adjustments.

Did you know ...

That some detox teas contain strange or unusual ingredients, such as nettles or dandelion leaves, which are not normally found in every tea.

These medicinal plants can support you in your detox

Thuja is lymph-purifying. Thanks to its active ingredients, thuja cleanses the lymph so that it can fight pathogens more effectively. Infections therefore heal more quickly and place less strain on the body. It is also antiviral. The active ingredients it contains kill viruses and help the body's lymph to fight infections.

Its effect on the central nervous system calms Kava-Kava sustainable. However, it is not an acute remedy. The optimum effect can be expected after a few weeks of taking it. Kava also reduces the effects of stress and thus promotes both falling asleep and staying asleep. Kava kava also has a euphoric and mood-enhancing effect. After drinking kava, people talk more, are more relaxed, laugh and are in a good mood.

Okoubaka is detoxifying. Humans have various bacteria in their intestines. Imbalances in these bacteria can place a toxic burden on the body through maldigestion. Okoubaka binds these toxins, regulates the intestinal flora and detoxifies the intestines so that digestive problems disappear and well-being returns.

The diuretic and detoxifying effect of Taraxacum makes it an ideal companion for cleansing cures. Taraxacum is particularly recommended for alleviating water retention or the effects of alcohol. Dandelion also has an effect on many organs involved in detoxification and elimination, such as the liver.

In the case of metabolic complaints in general, the problem is usually that the endogenous metabolism puts so much strain on organs such as the liver that they become sluggish and weak. The Goldenrod helps to increase the excretion of metabolically harmful substances via the urine. This relieves the body and organs such as the liver are under less strain.

Nux vomica is detoxifying. By reducing the overstimulation of the body, nerves and organs, nux vomica has a detoxifying effect. The body is given the opportunity to regenerate and recharge its batteries.

Zimply Natural - Your natural booster for a detox

With Zimply Natural, we are the antidote to painkillers, sleeping pills, and standard medications. We are your medicine! For our mixtures we use the centuries-old natural healing method of spagyric back. The Spagyric combines the herbal active ingredients and phytotherapeutic elements of the HealingplantsThe mineral salt qualities, as well as the subtle information of the medicinal plants and the energetic potential of the Bach flowers.

With natural methods, such as the individual spagyric mixtures from Zimply Natural, your complaints can be relieved naturally and sustainably.

FAQ: Questions and answers about detox

Can a detox cure help to improve the appearance of the skin?

Yes, a detox cure can improve the appearance of your skin. The emphasis here is on "can", because the effects of a detox are different for everyone. Your first motivation should therefore perhaps be your general health. However, improving the appearance of your skin, for example, is a good motivation. During the cure, you can benefit above all from a nutrient-rich diet consisting of foods such as fruit, vegetables and wholegrain products. This is because they contain lots of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This can help your body to neutralize free radicals and thus slow down skin ageing. Avoiding sugary and processed foods can also have a positive effect on your skin.

Is there a "best" time of year for detox treatments?

No, there is no specific best time of year for detox cures. Your body can benefit from a healthy diet and certain lifestyle changes all year round. Spring is often chosen for a detox, as some people are more motivated and have a heightened desire for renewal. Autumn, on the other hand, is a preparation for the colder months ahead. As a result, it is often perceived as a time to detox from the potential pollutants of summer. However, when you do your detox times depends entirely on your personal needs. In addition, factors such as time and goals sometimes also play an important role.

What happens after a detox cure?

After a detox, it is crucial to maintain healthy diet and lifestyle changes, because you don't want it all to be for nothing! One of the cornerstones is a diet of fresh fruit, vegetables, wholegrain products and healthy fats. This also includes avoiding processed foods, sugar and unhealthy fats. The other important points are to drink enough fluids, exercise regularly, avoid stress and get enough sleep. If you manage to do this in the long term, you have already set a major milestone.

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With natural methods such as the individual spagyric sprays from Zimply Natural, complaints can be treated and sustainably alleviated.

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