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Working healthily: Natural tips against presenteeism

Sick at work - you know it's bad, but everyone has done it at some point. But when you get to work, you usually think to yourself: Why didn't I stay at home? What's more, on such days you are probably rather ineffective at work and then really sick the next few days. What you probably didn't know is that this phenomenon has a name: Presenteeism. This is a relatively new topic, which we will explain to you in detail below. If this sounds interesting, we hope you enjoy reading it!

With natural methods, such as the individual spagyric mixtures from Zimply Natural, your complaints can be relieved naturally and sustainably.

What does presenteeism actually mean?

After a long period of illness, boredom sometimes drives some people back to work earlier than is good for them. A little cough or a sore throat can be put up with. You've probably also woken up feeling unwell, but thought to yourself: I'll be fine! Then it didn't work out at work and you were sick the next week. The issue of "sickness at work" is called presenteeism. Of course, there can be many different reasons for this, which vary from person to person. In your case, there are probably different reasons. For example, you may be worried about missing deadlines or missing an important meeting. The pressure of having to perform at all times or the fear of possible consequences, such as losing your job, can also have an influence. It is often overlooked that presenteeism can not only affect your own health, but also increase the risk of infection for your colleagues.

Did you know ...

That the phenomenon of presenteeism has more than tripled in the UK since 2010? A 2018 study showed that 86% of respondents reported presenteeism in their organizations (2010: 26%)

How does presenteeism manifest itself in the workplace?

If you go to work sick, there are several signs that not only indicate your illness, but also presenteeism. You may feel very tired and weak, which can lead to a reduced ability to concentrate. As a result, even simple tasks can take longer and mistakes can occur more often. If everything doesn't work out, the frustration often turns into irritability, which makes working with others worse. This is usually accompanied by physical symptoms such as headaches, a runny nose or a constant cough. These effects are not only annoying for you, but can also affect the well-being of your colleagues. These symptoms can worsen throughout the day, as the stress and lack of rest do not allow for any real recovery. You should be really vigilant to recognize these warning signs early on and pull the ripcord in time.

Risk factors and causes of presenteeism

Risk factors and causes for presenteeism are often very different and can range from your working environment to personal factors. One common reason is workplace pressure, the feeling that your presence is essential, regardless of your health. You may also sometimes feel a certain insecurity about your job. This then causes you to come to work sick. Superiors can also play a role, through a lack of support or inadequate sick leave arrangements. On a personal level, character traits such as perfectionism or a strong work ethic can sometimes influence you to put your health before your work commitments.

Did you know ...

That the long-term consequences of presenteeism can be serious health problems? These include chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and mental disorders

The negative impact of presenteeism on your health

Short-term and long-term effects of presenteeism

If you go to work despite being ill, this can have both short and long-term consequences for you. By working without being one hundred percent physically fit, you are hindering your body's natural healing process. On the other hand, you are also putting yourself at risk of more serious health problems. Ignoring effects such as fatigue, headaches or a cold, as well as ongoing stress, can make your condition worse. This often leads to a simple cold, for example, developing into a more serious infection. It can also lead to chronic complaints such as back pain or migraines. This brings us to the long-term consequences of presenteeism. Over a longer period of time, the constant strain on your body caused by working sick can lead to a weakened immune system. This naturally makes you more susceptible to further illnesses and infections. In addition, the constant stress can also have psychological effects, such as increased Anxiety and depression.

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Self-care and naturopathy

The principle of naturopathy is based on taking your body's signals seriously. This is essential in the case of presenteeism, as you first have to recognize the situation you are in so that you can change something. According to naturopathy, the body's self-healing powers are activated by rest and appropriate care, not by further stress and neglect. Natural improvement approaches such as herbal teas and relaxing baths can help to restore your inner balance. This also includes finding a healthy balance between work and private life. A good work-life balance can allow your body to recover from the demands of everyday life. So try to learn to say "no" sometimes and set boundaries. It's not just those around you who have to respect them, but you in particular. And who knows, maybe these changes will make you a role model for colleagues who suffer from similar problems.

What does work-life balance have to do with presenteeism? Why is work-life balance disrupted by presenteeism?

Presenteeism often leads to a worsening or prolongation of your symptoms. You could actually spend this additional time on rest or leisure activities. If you find yourself in such a situation, it can quickly turn into a vicious circle. This leads to constant exhaustion and reduced performance in both your professional and private life. In addition, there are usually worries about not being able to meet your professional requirements. This in turn causes stress, which puts further strain on your health and makes it more difficult to recover. A good work-life balance is essential in order to remain healthy and productive in the long term.

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Easy application by spraying into the mouth

The application of your Presenteeism sprays is, by the way, very simple: The spray is simply sprayed into the mouth according to the dosage instructions given on the vial. In order to achieve the best possible effect and to be able to optimally counteract the causes, we recommend use over a longer period of six to eight weeks. As a kind of cure, you spray 3×3 sprays daily.

Why you can call in sick without a guilty conscience

If you're not feeling well and you don't feel well, it's perfectly okay to call in sick. The guilty conscience that sometimes accompanies calling in sick is actually always unfounded. We explain why this is the case below. Your health and your body should always be your top priority. Because only a healthy body can get you through life well. What's more, you not only risk your health if you go to work sick, but also that of your colleagues. Taking it easy when you are ill is not a sign of weakness, but of smart self-care. Legally speaking, there are regulations that protect you when you are ill. You have the right to call in sick and if you present a sick note, you do not have to fear any professional consequences. These regulations are designed to ensure that you can recover without pressure and do not jeopardize your long-term health.

You can support your health with these natural home remedies

These nutritional tricks can make you fitter from the inside

A compilation of healthy food

A diet rich in vital nutrients, consisting of vegetables, fresh fruit and wholegrain products, provides your body with essential nutrients. It can also strengthen the immune system and promote your general health. Citrus fruits, for example, are rich in vitamin C, which improves immunity and can shorten colds. Antioxidant superfoods such as berries, nuts and green leafy vegetables protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. These occur particularly during times of stress such as presenteeism and help to reduce inflammation. Herbal teas and ginger tea can also have an anti-inflammatory effect. Echinacea can also help to relieve inflammation and cold symptoms. Ginger also offers antibacterial effects, while echinacea effectively reduces the duration and severity of colds. Elderberry can help you fight flu viruses due to its antiviral properties.

The role of essential oils

As you probably know, essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts that offer a variety of therapeutic properties. They can also help to improve air quality when vaporized in a diffuser, as in aromatherapy. As with medicinal plants, the different oils also have individual properties. Eucalyptus oil, for example, is known for its purifying and anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it particularly useful for relieving respiratory complaints and promoting free breathing. Lavender oil, on the other hand, offers relaxing and anxiolytic effects that can reduce stress and consequently improve your sleep quality. Tea tree oil can help you cleanse pathogens, as it has strong antibacterial and antiviral properties. Regular, but not excessive, use of these oils can help to improve your well-being. You can also improve your Resilience against stress-related burdens associated with presenteeism.

Water, water, water - why hydration is so important

Hydration is an important factor in your overall health and plays a crucial role in preventing and managing illness. Drinking enough water helps to support the body's natural detoxification processes. Another benefit of good hydration relates to supporting cellular function. Water is fundamental to most cellular functions including energy production and cell repair. Water also helps to regulate the digestive system and can prevent indigestion. This can be caused by stress or excessive sitting at work, for example. Drinking enough water can also promote the elimination of toxins by the kidneys and support liver detoxification. In addition to drinking, alkaline baths can also help with hydration. They can help to promote the elimination of acids and toxins through the skin, which is a further relief for the body.

Did you know ...

That presenteeism costs the Australian economy around AUD 34 billion a year due to reduced productivity?

These medicinal plants can help you avoid presenteeism

Aurum metallicum can help you to strengthen your own center and guide your consciousness towards a healthy egoism. It supports your physical and mental well-being by bringing light and warmth into your body. This can be particularly important for stress-related complaints such as depressive moods and lack of energy. It promotes mental clarity and strengthens your connection to yourself. In this way, the negative effects of presenteeism can be combated and dark phases can be overcome.

Natrium chloratum is often used in naturopathy for people who have a psychological tendency to melancholy. They usually tend to see the glass half empty. This tendency can be particularly problematic in the context of presenteeism in the workplace. If employees continue to work despite emotional or physical complaints, this often leads to excessive demands and can even encourage self-harm behavior. Salt can help here by restoring emotional balance and promoting a healthier outlook and openness.

In the context of presenteeism, where employees work despite health problems, the long-term use of strong painkillers such as opiates can become problematic. They often lose their effectiveness over time, which means that an increasingly higher dose is required for the same effect. This poses a high risk of addiction. Cannabis is an alternative here, with a lower addiction potential and less severe side effects.

Presenteeism at work can lead to serious mental and physical stress, which impairs energy metabolism and ATP regeneration. Ferrum phosphoricum can provide support here by supplying the body with important substances and restoring the energy balance. This leads to improved physical and mental well-being, which enables you to deal better with times of crisis and maintain your ability to work.

Zimply Natural - Your natural booster against presenteeism and for more steadfastness

With Zimply Natural, we are the antidote to painkillers, sleeping pills, and standard medications. We are your medicine! For our mixtures we use the centuries-old natural healing method of spagyric back. The Spagyric combines the herbal active ingredients and phytotherapeutic elements of the HealingplantsThe mineral salt qualities, as well as the subtle information of the medicinal plants and the energetic potential of the Bach flowers.        

With natural methods, such as the individual spagyric mixtures from Zimply Natural, your complaints can be relieved naturally and sustainably.

FAQ: Questions and answers on presenteeism

How does presenteeism differ in different cultures?

Presenteeism is dealt with differently around the world. In Norway, for example, well-being in the workplace is generally valued very highly. Therefore, there are extensive health programs and strong corporate cultures to raise awareness of presenteeism and minimize negative effects. In comparison, in other cultures where morale is extremely high, there is often less awareness of presenteeism.

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What alternative working models can counteract presenteeism?

Results-oriented work:

The focus here is on the results achieved and not on the number of hours worked. This can reduce the pressure on employees to come to work sick.

Teleworking and home office:

This type of working model is already relatively widespread in today's society, especially due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The option of working from home gives employees the opportunity to be productive despite being ill without infecting others.

Job sharing:

This model involves two or more people sharing a full-time position. This allows more flexibility and reduces the likelihood of employees coming to work sick.

Four-day week:

This is a model that has been under discussion for some time. It has been tested in countries such as Scotland, Wales, Finland and Spain for some time. In Belgium, the four-day week has even been enshrined in law. This model could reduce stress among employees and improve their general well-being.

How does presenteeism affect chronic illnesses?

Presenteeism can have a particularly negative impact on chronic illnesses. People who go to work despite being ill risk a deterioration in their health. They do not take the rest and recuperation they urgently need. This can lead to more frequent episodes of illness and longer courses of illness. In the long term, this can increase individual and social medical costs and worsen the general quality of life and productivity at work.

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With natural methods such as the individual spagyric sprays from Zimply Natural, complaints can be treated and sustainably alleviated.

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